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Followchats was designed to improve team collaboration

Followchats is a social media and a management tool, which allows to integrating all social media into one platform. It helps to track and scales their post. It also help small and large teams with their communication process, Followchats also improves management capabilities while enabling its users to focus on objectives.

Effects let your cool

We don't need to Photoshop every. With a single tap you can transform a regular photo into the next Mona Lisa without all those confusing tools. Followchats has over dozens “one tap effects” that makes you into the Photoshop Pro in Under a minute.

Tone let your creativity shine

With our single tap you can play around with our flexible RGB, levels, hue, white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation tools, you can tweak your photos till you leave a little sparkle.

Text or #hash-tags

Followchats knows texting and #hash-tags are the way to go. Now you can reach out to your fan base friends with over 150 words per post! With those cute emojis texts icons.


Your business matters. Ever wonder why some post don't get the same attention as others… well FollowChats giving you a daily report on which social media is getting the most views and why with our patented algorithm you can receive a summary record which is simple and manageable.

Innovative Platform

Now you can pick and choose who gets to see what under one platform. Access all these social media accounts in one innovative Platform.


Followchats got you covered. It proudly shares your photos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Why Choose Followchats

We love creating solutions that bring people together and help them reach their objectives faster.

We've designed Followchats with a very clear objective in mind: help both managers and team members work better with each other through improved communication and collaboration tools.

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Followchats is the right mobile application for project and team management. Download it today and notice how:

  • You and your team begin to be more productive
  • You get more stuff done throughout the day
  • Objectives are met daily and you are in control


With our team of actions, activities and active posting every minute.

Apps Features:

  • Publish and engage with in the application
  • Access all social media accounts in one innovative platform


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